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My name is Leo Delcourte. I used to be a teacher of English, teaching 5th and 6th formers in Belgium. I am also a qualified ceramist and photographer. 

I discovered photography as a child when I assisted my father in his darkroom and developed my own black and white photographs. But then as a university student and later as a father and teacher, I had other priorities.

The arrival of digital cameras opened new photographic perspectives, so I bought myself a new camera, went to evening classes to get my degree and tried to find my way in this magical world of photography. I am particularly interested in landscape and travel photography as I like being outdoors and meeting other cultures. Capturing street life and getting the "soul" of the town and people are also challenges I want to go for.

Recently I started taking interest in portrait photography and am digging deeper into that challenging aspect.

If you are interested in a photoshoot (TFP) or if you have any questions, remarks, or suggestions, don't hesitate to get in touch.​

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